Head: Abeuova Bakyt Kazaliyevna

Phone: 7 (7212) 56 - 53 - 04

Circulation Department - the unique department of library which are giving out the literature to read at home.
Many-sided book fund is capable to satisfy exacting taste of the most advanced reader, giving books on all branches of knowledge, products of world fiction, beginning  with ancient and finishing by modern (memoirs, detectives, a fantasy and love novels), and also encyclopedias, inquires, manuals and periodic and literary art editions.

The subscription department organizes:

  • Exhibition, viewings
  • Overview, conversations
  • PresentationMeetings with writers, poets
  • Book festivals, fairs
  • Literary  and musicales evenings

There are two clubs at the subscription department:

     Club for fans of the literature - «Literary drawing room»
It is a popularization of the Kazakh, Russian and foreign literature, dialogue conversation with interesting people, discussions, conversations about rare books and hobbies.

     Club for fans of poetry in Kazakh language «Жыр-Жауһар»
It is not only meetings with local venerable writers, poets, journalists, but also search of new talents, acquaintance to a poetic word of young writers, the first steps to their popularization.

The book 03
is a service of-home invalids, veterans of the World War II which carries out also social function: informing about the new literature and delivering it to the house, the subscription department helps to expand borders of the person conversation deprived of possibility to come into library.