Karaganda regional research library named after N.V.Gogol (Erubaeva,44) was established in 1934 and was originally started like a city one. In 1938 the library was elevated to regional status. At it's inception, the library inseparably linked with building and development of the Karaganda coal basin and a city of Karaganda. Social development and economic infrastructure of area also promoted to library development. There is a rise from a city library to regional universal research library with functions of depositary of regional studies and periodicals and author's abstracts of dissertations.

Today, the library offers patrons 12 structural divisions. There are a Kazakh resource center, Legal information center, American resource centre, Reading Center, Poetry club "Zhyr-Zhauhar", «Literary Drawing room», English speaking club Viva Lingua! and other club associations.

The structure of library collection is universal, more than 400,0 thousand units of storage, including about 50,0 thousand copies in a state language, more than 15,0 thousand copies - in foreign languages. These are books, author's abstracts of dissertations, the periodicals, CD, DVD, maps,  music notes etc. Annually the library get about 7,0 thousand documents. 50 % from new items are editions in a state language.

  • The collection of rare books about 2,0 thousand units , these are editions in Russian of 18-19 centuries housing giant books, and also tiny one.
  • The collection of local lore about the Karaganda area more  than 2,0 thousand copies, more than half - the in the Kazakh language.
  • Library collection annually receives about 400 items of newspapers and magazines in the state and Russian languages, periodicals covering  all branches of knowledge  published Kazakhstan and Russia. The library is the largest periodical depositary in the area.

Since 1997 the library actively introduces new information technologies in all of library activity: access to domestic and foreign resources via Internet, organized the automated account of book circulatioin by means of shaped coding, access to virtual services to patrons rendered.  The use of ABIS (Automated Lbrary information System) allows to automate all basic library processes, to process, store and provide the data in an electronic format. One of the main information resources of library is the Electronic catalogue. It reflects all kinds of the documents arriving in the library. The volume of a cumulative Electronic Database makes more than 270,6 thousand bibliographic records (БЗ), including more than 70,0 thousand - in a state language, coverage - universal, is updated daily. Electronic resources and virtual services of library are available via the Internet on a site karlib.kz,  which constantly renovating.

Integration of digital resources and an easy access to them was input down to the Electronic library "Saryarka " created on the basis of text-through base «Karaganda: people, events, the facts». In electronic library the materials reflecting city history of Karaganda and the Karaganda area, the significant events occurring in territory of area in different years, and also destinies of the people who have brought the appreciable contribution to a development of the city and areas are collected. For today the electronic library includes about 6000 -books and articles in pdf format.

The accent in electronic library "Saryarka" is made on its unique materials of regional studies and special collections. The structure of electronic collections included 9 virtual exhibitions, 3 information resources «Saryarka online», «Ќараєанды облысыны ѕ јдеби ґмір і», «Ќыран ќанатты аќын» to (refer)

Since 2008 the library is the participant of the project «Electronic state library fund - the Kazakhstan National electronic library» (EGBF-KazNEB). The digital collection "Saryarka" became a part of National Electronic library of Kazakhstan. For today it is exposed 38 text-through rare editions of regional studies on the Karaganda area which are accessible through a web-site of National academic library RK in Astana to the address: ћttp://www.kazneb.kz.

Regional research library named after N.V.Gogol - the coordination centre which is carrying out a methodical management over 18 centralized library systems of area. One of strategic directions -promotion of new information technology in libraries activity of area. The library work out and introduces programs and projects, among them: the project «Model rural library», as a result  93 model libraries opened. The library staff  is the initiator of large creative projects «Fair of creative ideas», « Forum of rural librarians», «Encyclopedia of area villages», « Congress in support of reading», «Summer Internet universities», Republican festival «Library salute to Astana!», professional tour of librarians of model libraries in Pavlodar area: «Model libraries: a fashionable brand or future designing»,  Forum of young librarians.

Professional communications are developing.  Gogol library is - a member of the Information Consortium of libraries of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan Center of Corporate Cataloguing and Library Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Library staff participated in all republican conferences «Library capital of Kazakhstan», in the international conferences and seminars: General conference IFLA Beijing (1996), Berlin (2003), Seoul (2006), Milan (2009), the International Crimean conference (1998,2005,2007,2008,2010), the International conference «LIBCOM-2005», the International seminar «Electronic libraries» (Turkey, 2004, Tunis, 2007), the International conference «Issyk Kul –(2003,2007,2011)», in the frames of cultural programs have visited the largest libraries of the USA, (2000, 2006,2012) Germany (2003, 2004) and France (2003, 2004, 2005).

For merits in development of a library science of the Karaganda area and faultless service  library staff received the state awards and the Ministry of culture and information RK, awards of Akim of the Karaganda area: S.S. Baіmurzina was awarded by a medal «Eрен еѕбегі їшін» (2001г.), Pak V.I.-an anniversary medal «Ќазаќстан Республикасыныѕ Тјуелсіздігіне 20 жыл» (2011) and a medal of NAB RK «Кітапхана ісініѕ шебері» (2011), F.H. Timershina - an anniversary medal «Ќазаќстан Республикасыныѕ Тјуелсіздігіне 20 жыл»(2011), breastplate of the Ministry of culture and information RK «Мјдениет ќайраткері» (2007), the award of Akim of the Karaganda area (2000), and a medal of NAB RK «Кітапхана ісініѕ шебері»(2011), R.A. Hairova, A.U.Kasybaeva, I.S.Issyk - the Honorable Diploma of the Ministry of culture and the information «Кітапхана ісініѕ їздігі» (2009), K. Rahim- the award of Akim of the Karaganda area (2006).