Department of local history was opened in 1980 year. The main function of department are collecting and creating local lore information resources, dissemination information of local lore. It's confirm by "Mission of library" (1996), which the main function – to introduce readers to values of local culture.

The main work of department is "Regional library as a regional memory".  Program  The main purpose of program at the first stage of realization is to determinate new meaning and content of local lore work according with new informational technologies.

Priority directions:

  • service on the basis of new information technologies
  • work with the resources of Internet
  • introduction of corporate activity in formation of local lore databases
  • development of innovative and methodical activity on study of local lore
  • creation of insurance fund of local lore on CD ROM

Informational resources:

Literature fund of local lore is about Karaganda region (2883 copies; 1409 copies – on Kazakh language)

  • book collection with autographs
  • multimedia edition of "Local History on CD"
  • more than 30 names of newspapers and magazines of region, city and district
  • many editions of the industrial enterprises
  • a local lore material the in electronic catalog (48271 records; 23495 records –on Kazakh language)
  • a local lore card file (54000 records)
  • "Karaganda: people, events, facts" full text databases
  • local lore bibliographic indexes
  • electronic library "Saryarka"

Head: Sandugash Telpekbayeva