Karaganda Regional Research Library named after Gogol N.V.— the largest fund keeper of periodicals in the Karaganda area.

About 500 names of periodicals in Kazakh, Russian languages arrives at the library fund every year.

Main aim of sector of the periodical press – maintenance of an free access to fund of the periodical press of current and retrospective character in all branches of knowledge.

The primary goals:

Fund of periodicals formation

  • fund presentation with help of exhibitions, Days of the information, reviews, and conversations etc.
  • using of periodicals books by readers
  • maintenance of periodicals safety
  • creation of an electronic DB "Periodical press

The sector renders additional services:

  • the Advanced order of retrospective editions (for science officers, teachers and experts)
  • Reception of the information about presence of periodicals at the other libraries of the city

The sector conducts:

  • Literary-musicale parties
  • Presentations of periodicals
  • Day of the information, information hours

Sector of periodicals

At the sector of periodicals it is possible to study various newspaper and journal materials. Here the Kazakhstan and Russian periodicals about economy, the state and the right, history, literary criticism, the linguistics, natural sciences, teaching are widely presented  Today there are 521 copies of newspapers and magazines for readers.

For presentation of periodicals fund at the library, the sector organizes exhibitions-retrospective shows, presentations of new periodicals.

Head: Sulejmenova Janna Magavinovna