Art  works with  memory; it chooses from a stream of the brightest, considerable and prints it in crystals of books.

Fund of department of literature in Art — a bright combination of traditional and modern creativity in all directions, in all art forms: books and albums on the fine arts, music, theater are added with periodicals, notes, a record library, and also the richest electronic resources.

At us you receive:

pleasure from acquaintance with museums and world galleries, from sounding of masterpieces national and classical music including, performed by  art masters of Kazakhstan;full information and bibliographic assistance.

And you have a service:

  • help book fundelectronic and traditional card files articles;electronic card file
  • «A name in art of Kazakhstan»
  • musical chronicle.
  • The national culture of Kazakhstan is represented by the Atameken program.

Disclosure of  art variety the people of the world is served by the program «Peace Art culture».

Evenings of meetings with a creative intelligentsia, colorful exhibitions, and numerous selections of literature will help:

To masters of art and teachers of creative disciplines to receive actual information in the field of culture;

To students — in studying of culture science, stories of art and skill bases in the chosen specialty;

To curators — in the organization access for youth;

To fans and amateur artists — in mastering by skill in different types of creativity;

Everything who is interested in life and creativity of art masters — works of art and memoirs of art workers and their contemporaries — fascinating reading!

Head: Rotnova Irina Ivanovna