Volunteer movements of Kazakhstan will have a new start of development. 2020 is declared as the Volunteer Year in Kazakhstan.

President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in his state-of-the-nation address highlighted the role of volunteers in the process of strengthening civil society.

 Volunteers have an active lifestyle. Volunteering is the platform which allows the youth to adapt and to be involved in all issues relevant to society. The young people also help communities as well as implement and promote socially significant ideas and projects.

On January 26th, American Corner Karaganda held the two-part workshop for volunteers dedicated to the birthday and life of the American Human Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr. IVLP program alumnus Sergey Zorin, SMM Aziza Talaspaeva, MS volunteer Alikhan Shorin, the head of local volunteering group - Serzhan Shaikhymov acted as the workshop trainers. These specialists spread the ideas on how to solve major issues in managing time and keep up everything while being volunteer. Speaking of SMM advices, the audience was interested on some basic problems to start off channel or blog for extending one’s own ideas among local community. The participants of workshop were inspired and motivated by team-building exercises organized by Serzhan Shaikhymov, who held the local volunteering group VolteQ. MS volunteer Alikhan Shorin spoke about NASA club, IT initiatives. IVLP program alumnus and senior lecturer in SBTC education centre, Sergey Zorin told about some scholarships for volunteers in USA and special privileges from government. Motivational speech and examples from his private life showed to the audience how to do right things and do not lose enthusiasm in order to being volunteer.