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The theme for this month is Women's Empowerment connected with the International Women's Day. Also this month has the biggest holiday - Nauryz!

Happy upcoming holidays, everyone!

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The annual spelling competition in Astana is organized by the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan. 33 students from different regions of Kazakhstan took part in “Spelling Bee” contest.  Three contestants were from Karaganda region: Meruert Sovet, Tatyana Viinnichenko, Alexander Gorbunov. These students passed the Spelling Beein January, which was held in Regional scientific research library named after N.V. Gogol in Karaganda.

So in the city of Astana at the republican stage of the contest, MeruertSovet, a fourth-year student of the Karaganda State University named after E.A. Buketov, became one of the prize winners.

A lucky chance to get a Certificate!

Dear  teachers and students!

AC Karaganda at Regional scientific library named after N. V.  Gogol is a viewing host for the webinar course entitled “American English Live: Teacher Development Series 1”.  The 6 online seminars of the course cover a variety of topics and are intended for teachers of English or future teachers. Participants who attend 4 out of the 6 webinars will receive E-certificates. The series will take place from January 17 – March 28, 2018.

We are looking forward to see you at on Wednesdays.

Contact phone   8(7212)49-33-75

Creating a Positive Classroom Community

Presenter: Mari Bodensteiner

Среда, 17 января, 2018

 19час -20 час

Exploring Generational Culture through Oral Histories

Presenter: Rhonda Petree

Среда, 31 января, 2018

 19час - 20 час

Two Frameworks for Teaching Culture and Critical Thinking

Presenter: Andrew Noonan

Среда, 14 февраля, 2018

  19час-20 час

Keep It Moving: Ideas for Fun, Active Classroom Activities

Presenter: Kevin McCaughey

Среда, 28 февраля, 2018

 19час-20 час

*США переходит на летнее время с  11 марта

The Pinwheel: A Classroom Structure for Simulating Authentic Intergroup Contact

Presenter: Peter Edwards

Среда, 14 Марта, 2018

 18час-19 час

Playing with Words: Creative Ways to Engage EFL Learners with New Vocabulary

Presenter: Sarah Sanderson


Среда, 28 Марта, 2018

  18час-19 час

Dear, users!

We are happy to inform you about "Kazakhstan Spelling Bee" contest.

Purpose of the event – popularize the learning of English among Kazakhstani youth.

National “Spelling Bee” contests conducted in many countries, such as: USA, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, and many others. “Spelling Bee” is always conducted at American schools. The rules are amazingly simple: the winner is the one who spells correctly English words more than others.

First  round was conducted at Karaganda Regional Universal Scientific Library named after N.V. Gogol on the premises of American Corner on January 21, 2018.


A unique digital product – “Kazakhstan – Land of the Great Steppe” – is one-of-a-kind high quality interactive application, presenting multimedia on the most representative geographic, political, touristic, historical, economic facts about Kazakhstan. It contains hundreds of high quality unique photographs, videos, 3D objects, panoramic tours, interactive charts, and innovative maps. It should be of interest to anyone who wants to learn about the world’s ninth largest country, including tourists, students, and business people. Available in English, Russian, and Kazakh.

Mobile device versions are available in AppStore and PlayMarket. Also available in Windows and web-version.

You can run an application web-page by following the link: http://bit.ly/28PkZza