Dear secondary school teachers!

We would like to inform you that, The Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program of 2018 is open. The Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) Program provides international teachers with unique opportunities to develop expertise in their subject areas, enhance their teaching skills, and increase their knowledge about the United States.  TEA consists of a six-week, non-degree, non-credit, and customized academic program that includes seminars on new teaching methodologies, curriculum development, lesson planning, and instructional technology.  Participants also will participate in a practicum in a U.S. secondary school near their host university to work closely with U.S. teachers and practice teaching to American students.  Participants in this program receive mentoring and support throughout the experience and also will be able to visit cultural sites of USA.

Requirements to all participants:

  • - Current secondary-level, full-time teachers with five or more years of classroom experience in English, English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Math, Science, Social Studies, or Special Education;
  • - Citizens of Kazakhstan currently residing in Kazakhstan;
  • - Proficient in written and spoken English with a minimum score of 46 out of 120 possible on the TOEFL iBT or an equivalent exam.


For application instructions please view

For more information please read on site of the U.S Embassy in Kazakhstan:

12 February 2017, American Corner of Karaganda Regional Universal Research Library named after N.V.Gogol has held first round of the Regional Spelling Bee contest. Spelling Bees have been part of American culture for the last 90 years.  In 1925, the first National Spelling Bee was held in Washington, D.C. with 8 contestants.  Now, every year in June, the National Spelling Bee brings together the top 248 spellers from throughout the United States. 

On Wednesday, February 8 Sylvie Young, Regional Program Officer for SCA, Office of English Language Programs,U.S. Department of State, visited AC Karaganda. She was a moderator of a  workshop on “Student-Centered Classroom”  for more than sixty teachers  from the  Regional Association  for Teachers of English. Silvie Young shared her ideas of the topic.

A student-centered classroom is one in which students take an active interest and are directly involved in the process of learning. The teacher structures the lessons taking into consideration the needs of the students both as individuals and as a group; and encourages them to take charge of their own learning.

Dear college and university students!

Are you an undergraduate student?  Are you already18 years old? Are you good at spelling? If so, join us for our 2017 Kazakhstan Spelling Bee!

The Spelling Bee is a competition in which participants spell English words. You have a chance to win the title of the Best English Speller in Kazakhstan, along with other prizes! Participants, please, register online via the link

We are looking forward to see you at the Spelling Bee competition on Sunday, February 12 at 2pm. The event’ll take place at Karaganda regional reseach library named after N.V.Gogol.

On December 11, the English Club users discussed the topic “Happy Independence Day Kazakhstan!” The Republic of Kazakhstan is a free independent state. This year we celebrate 25 Anniversary of Indepent Kazakhstan.  On the 16th of December 1991 Kazakhstan adopted the Law of State Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As any independent state, our country had adopted its state symbols - Flag, Emblem and Anthem.  To respect Flag, Emblem and Anthem of the country means to respect and honor the country. The National Flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan was adopted in June, 1992. The creator of the Flag of Kazakhstan is the artist Shaken Niyazbekov.