A very interesting discussion  was on September 30. English club users were speaking on  the topic "Еңбек- бәрін жеңбек=Человек труда всегда у нас в почете= Labor Day" in Kazakhstan". Kazakhstan celebrates the Labor Day on September. The  holiday was introduced on the initiative of President N.A. Nazarbayev and would be traditionally marked on the last Sunday of September.

The holiday named Labor Day is celebrated in many states across the world, but its date differs from country to country. When Kazakhstan was part of the Soviet Union, its citizens observed International Workers' Day (equivalent of Labor Day) on May 1. The holiday was marked with parades and other celebrations held throughout the country. In 1995, the government of Kazakhstan replaced International Workers' Day with Kazakhstan People's Unity Day.

Our English Speaking club users always have discussions on national celebrations in Kazakhstan. On September 9 they shared opinions on the topic  related with  Family Day  in our country: "Тату шаңырақ – бақыттық шаңқай түсі = День семьи в РК = Family Day in  Kazakhstan". Family day was created in order to raise public awareness of important family-related issues. It also aims to draw the attention of the general public to common family problems, especially those of young families, large families, single-parent families, as well as the families of veterans and people with disabilities.

On  September 16  our English Speaking Club discussed the topic of languages: "Тіл мерейін тасытқан мереке" =  "Казахская латиница:опыт и перспективы ( День языков народа Казахстана)" = "Kazakh Latin: Experience and Prospects".

Every year on the third Sunday of September in our country the Day of Languages ​​of the People of Kazakhstan is celebrated. On this day across the country there are various events devoted to the importance of the languages ​​of the people of Kazakhstan. There are often exhibitions, concerts, festivals and quizzes among students on the knowledge of native speech. Kazakhstan attracts many ethnographers, because this is almost the only country in Central Asia in which more than 85 nations coexist peacefully. Each of them has the full right to speak his native language, practice his religion and adhere to the traditions of his native culture. In this way, Kazakhstanis owe much to the language that ancestors could carry through the centuries.

The day of the miner in Kazakhstan is traditionally celebrated on the last Sunday of the last summer month. On  August 26  English club users talked about the traditions and the past of this holiday in more detail: "Кеншілер күнімен" = "Горняк – профессия мужественных людей" = "Happy Miner’s Day"

In Kazakhstan, the miner's trade originated in the middle of the 19th century, when the development of the Karaganda basin begins.

Coal mining industry is a very important branch of national economy. Coal is one of the most important sources of heat and energy. Man realized the heating quality of coal long ago. Coal is widely used in metallurgical, power, and chemical industries. Coal yields a large quantity of chemicals.


ENGLISH CHAMPIONSHIP (giving a certificate of the European standard €) within the International Festival-Contest of conventional and new genres @artoftalent.

Encouraging prizes to all participants.

Winners will get personal prizes and prize fund!


Regional Library named after N.V. Gogol, at 44 Erubayev street. Participants and organizers welcome to @american_corner_karaganda. Popularization of knowledge of foreign languages and advance of linguistic culture of Karaganda popultion (the main goal of the championship) keeps us together in our work.


Chaptionship starts on August 11, at 10 am. Gathering in the hall of the library named after N.V. Gogol at 9.30 am.


For all, aged from 13 and older. Level of knowledge doesn’t matter. Some participants will know at what CEF level they are, others will prove it. Everyone will get prizes, new interesting acquaintances, motivation to develop and post-print of mistakes, which will make learning English more effective.

Application for participation is in the profile header @englishplanetkaraganda.

Fill and send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on participation, call: 8-747-175-05-40, 8-701-593-50-49